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Remote Repair can do...
  • - Program Installations
  • - General Troubleshooting
  • - Program Configurations
Remote Repair can not do...
  • Internet Connection Issues
  • Virus Removals
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Monitor / Video Diagnosis

There are three types of remote access that we use to help our clients and they are defined below.

Permanent Access
Access granted to technician for access as needed. Remote access is given with no per session permissions.
On-Demand Access
Access granted to technician on an on-demand of session basis and is usually granted by client at time of need.
Desktop Viewing
Unlike having full access to a clients computer the technician will only have visual access and control is retained by client


A 6-digit code is required prior to joining or initiating a remote support session. To schedule a remote support session with a technician call
Enter your 6-digit code: